Web Projects

Cascadia Chronicle

A Geospatial Journal of Place, Environment and Imagination
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Along with Mark Auslander (CWU Anthropology), I helped develop and serve as Senior Co-Editor of Cascadia Chronicle, an online, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to exploring scholarly and creative impressions of the Cascadia Region (Southeastern Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Idaho, Western Montana, Oregon and Northern California). The journal features Google Earth formatting as a new approach to accessing and sharing projects.

A Sense of Place

The Washington State Geospatial Poetry Anthology
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Edited by Katharine Whitcomb, Robert Hickey and Marco Thompson, the 2nd Edition of A Sense of Place is formatted in Google Earth and has expanded to over 70 poets and poems, debuted with the new website in January 2013. The websites, blogs, and social media pages developed for The Center of Geospatial Poetry and A Sense of Place have all been recently updated.

Poetry Is Cool

My personal blog focusing on poetry and the arts.